About Me

CharlaMy name is Charla Miller and I am the creator of Beauty Heals You. I have worked in the beauty industry in a number of capacities for over 20 years. I started in Hollywood as a makeup and hair artist in the film business. After several hundred of hours on film and television sets, I came to the clear belief that 20 hour work days were not the way I wanted to age. So I focused on what I truly loved: creating beauty. This also included creating balance, self care, nourishing practices, and hence, a beautiful life.

I also had a passion for changing the texture and look of skin, so I became a licensed California Esthetician and went on to understand the way skin works in all of its complexity. I knew that if I healed the skin, even temporarily, and applied a self enhancing makeup and hair style, my client would see her beauty, and understand, maybe for the very first time, that she is her beauty.

I am a self professed Pro Ager. I have been down the road of injections, surgery, and I am a huge lover of beautiful skincare products. I was also a lash extensionist until the time came that my eyes blew up with a reaction. The world of the beauty business is exciting and very sexy. Simply put, I have a “PhD” in the good, and not such great practices, of anti-aging. But my take on aging after all of this anti-aging business is this: you are, right now, as young as you're ever going to be, and if you don't like what you see, find an example of what you want to be, hire the right beauty artist, and start loving and living a new way of seeing yourself.

Beauty Heals You isn’t just a tagline, but a wholehearted way of seeing your own beauty, through our services, recommended products, healing practitioners and nurturing spas. It means that when you look and feel your best, you see the world in a beautiful way and the world responds to you in kind.