How Gloria Steinem inspired me to do a boudoir shoot

I sat down with my photographer friend Sara Richardson over coffee a couple of months ago. Our conversation was dominated by the concerns of females, especially over a certain age. This uncharted territory of aging brought to mind a few women that I admire, some that are world famous and many that are only famous to their families. All of them are strong, many times opinionated, talented and artistic.

I Was Featured On Hay House Radio!

It's been an adventurous time for me as an author and speaker. This busy time started in May after being interviewed for my book by Jenn Morris of Hay House Radio for the "Bright New Voices, The Balboa Press Hour" on Hay House This aired in September and I have it here for you and will put it on my Press Page on Beauty Heals for future review.

SAVE THE DATE: Please join me for my book signing event at Book Passage, San Francisco, September 16,2017

I'd like to invite all of you to a special event! As many of you know we moved to big country Idaho last fall. This transition has been an adventure as all moves are. The move has given me an opportunity to continue my work with horses and eventually hopefully have them on our property.

Why does A 100 year old woman put her makeup on every day?

I recently went to Lake Tahoe to do a destination wedding. As a makeup artist and a veteran in the business, I've made up a lot of faces and met hundreds of women but this was my first 100 YEAR OLD! I didn't have any pre-conceived ideas about her before I met her only that I was sure she was, well, seasoned. Lilian arrived and was holding a cane which she barely used and it was evident it was more for the sake of her family worrying than for her state of well-being.

Girls That Love Horses

I was at my book pop-up one evening and doing what authors do sharing my story about my love for horses through my book, Wonder and Beauty. I was sitting at my table and said hello to a woman that approach me with a folded Boise Weekly in her hand. I looked at the paper and noticed that she had circled several pop-ups that evening and one had a incredible picture of a horse. I asked her what she circled and she told me there was a photographer named Michelle Tullis that had a exhibit running that night at another location. I looked at my watch and noticed it was closing in thirty minutes.

A little Love goes a long way

Hello Friends of Beauty Heals You, all the advertising says this is the month of LOVE and I say it's always time for love.

There's chocolate, romance, valentines, and wishes to be fulfilled on Valentine's day and on the flip side there is, yes, chocolate, bringing the perfectly made cup of tea to your lover unannounced, made with love and infused with well wishes for their day. There are acts of self love and prayers of kindness for others. All these omit the blessing of our special energy called love in every way.

How did makeup save my life?

Hello friends of Beauty Heals You,

As a makeup and hair artist (and now an author), I know the confidence that a woman has when she has her makeup on and done perfectly!

I've been away for a few months finishing my book, Wonder and Beauty: My journey from heartbreak to healing through the wonder of horses. Right before I signed off on my book with my publisher Balboa Press, there was one more thing I had to do... meet my son in person for the first time in eight years!