Do Vision Boards Really Work? What's Yours for 2017?

It's New Years Eve!

For the first time, ever, I'm writing this post on New Years Eve, without ANY makeup, in a Snowy world called Idaho!
One of the activities I look forward to doing at the end of a year is creating my Vision Board for the next year.
I'll admit not everything on my boards have come true, magically, but most of the time my boards have astounded me!
The creation of the boards give my mind a break from the endless task list I live with and allows me to just have fun. As a creative person and artist I need this more than I give myself time for.
They also give me a magical template to follow for the year or years ahead...

Thank you for following my site, Beauty Heals You, and I promise to post more fun and frolic in the near future.

Happy New Year and I'm sending you all the juice you'll need to create the board/life of your dreams!