Girls That Love Horses

I was at my book pop-up one evening and doing what authors do sharing my story about my love for horses through my book, Wonder and Beauty. I was sitting at my table and said hello to a woman that approach me with a folded Boise Weekly in her hand. I looked at the paper and noticed that she had circled several pop-ups that evening and one had a incredible picture of a horse. I asked her what she circled and she told me there was a photographer named Michelle Tullis that had a exhibit running that night at another location. I looked at my watch and noticed it was closing in thirty minutes. We packed up our booth, raced over to the Amsterdam Lounge and saw a group of people in the back. We entered the room filled with photographs of Michelle's work. She takes pictures of the Wild Mustangs in and around the Treasure Valley area. Her Photography of these horses has a surreal look, like a translucent painting. Her photographs lead you into the intimacy of her subjects, the wild and often elusive Mustang that roam free in the Owyhee mountain range. One of the guest of the event suggested that I introduce myself to Michelle and tell her about my love of horses and my book that tells the tale of my healing through horses. I walked up to Michelle, a very pretty and petite woman and we began to chat about her work. I introduced myself and as synchronicity always has it, she had know of my book and had been following me! I had my books with me and she asked to purchase one. Since that evening we have decided to partner up and share our love for horses through my book launch this month and beyond. If you love horses, fine art photography and a story about how my meeting with horses has transformed my life, enter your email and contact information on my website,, and be apart of this exciting collaboration.

As it turns out lot's of girls love horses and I'm trilled to be a part of this ever expanding tribe.

Lot's of Love,