How did makeup save my life?

Hello friends of Beauty Heals You,

As a makeup and hair artist (and now an author), I know the confidence that a woman has when she has her makeup on and done perfectly!

I've been away for a few months finishing my book, Wonder and Beauty: My journey from heartbreak to healing through the wonder of horses. Right before I signed off on my book with my publisher Balboa Press, there was one more thing I had to do... meet my son in person for the first time in eight years!

This eight year senseless separation was the catalyst for me to write, publish and produce my film and book. My life partner and love drove me the hour or so to meet with my son. This all happened last minute. In the flurry of our pending sale of our home, and move out of state, I was overwhelmed with emotion and a to-do list that looked as long as the Great Wall of China.

The one thing I NEEDED was my makeup bag! I thought it was tucked in my purse but it was nowhere to be found. I saw an Ulta store, popped in, saw a few of my favorite brands, bought and conquered, and was back in the car within a few minutes. The process of "putting on my face" isn't just an act of making myself look my best: in this case it was an act of showing up feeling secure, and ready to resume my relationship with my son!

I've always known as a Hollywood makeup artist that what I did for my actors wasn't just applying some substance to their faces, I was an intimate part of their entire transformation. These few products and my love for beauty saved the emotional wreck I was, so I could show up for my son as the caring mom that had waited eight years to see him.

Makeup enhances, corrects, masks and even sometimes saves us when we need it the most.