I Was Featured On Hay House Radio!

It's been an adventurous time for me as an author and speaker. This busy time started in May after being interviewed for my book by Jenn Morris of Hay House Radio for the "Bright New Voices, The Balboa Press Hour" on Hay House Radio.com. This aired in September and I have it here for you and will put it on my Press Page on Beauty Heals You.com for future review.

Press play to listen to the interview

I prepared for hours after being sent a series of questions by Jenn. I also found out we both shared a passion for horses. This was my first big interview for a publishing company and radio show. Months before I joined one of the local Toastmasters clubs called Eclectic Voices in the Boise area with the goal to become more comfortable and skilled at public speaking, knowing I'd be doing more of this at book and author events.

The show was centered on my book, Wonder and Beauty: My Journey From Heartbreak to Healing Through the Wonder of Horses. After all the years working with celebrities on film sets as their makeup and hair artist, I thought I'd be more comfortable in this arena but this was a whole new adventure for me. To be the creator of a project and not the behind the scenes artist was a kind of exposure I wasn't used to. I was so nervous we had to record the beginning of the interview three or four times before I was able to settle down and get in a grove.

Jenn helped calm my nerves and her editing team are skilled technicians. The final version came out better than I thought and I wanted to share it with all of you in the event you hadn't had the chance to hear it on the air date.

Anything in life that's new, no matter how prepared you are is a step into the unknown with this exception: The Divine knew my message and how it needed to be heard. I showed up, prepared and spoke with as much love and clarity as I could muster in those thirty minutes of being interviewed. That was enough for the Hay House team to put together this heartfelt interview.

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Thanks for your interest in Beauty Heals You and until next time; Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder