SAVE THE DATE: Please join me for my book signing event at Book Passage, San Francisco, September 16,2017

Horse statue from the Mountain Home Country Music FestivalHi All!

I'd like to invite all of you to a special event! As many of you know we moved to big country Idaho last fall. This transition has been an adventure as all moves are. The move has given me an opportunity to continue my work with horses and eventually, hopefully have them on our property. California was home and I always love going back to see friends and family. This book event and signing is HUGE for me in so many ways. I've always wanted to be a published author and started this dream over 30 years ago when I lived in LA and I authored my first book. Shortly after finishing it I moved to SF and eventually signed with a literary agent named David Charlsen and Others. My best friend Rita Harmon was the writer of that book and she gave me the indelible experience of being an author. Both have since passed away.

Before Rita died, she said that "I would have to write the NEXT book". The name of our book was "Reveal Yourself: Every Woman Guide To Transforming Mind, Body and Spirit." It never got published after many years and attempts to do so.That's a common story about writing a book and seeing it through to completion, publishing it, marketing it and finding it's audience.

This book, Wonder and Beauty: My Journey From Heartbreak to Healing Through The Wonder of Horses made sure "It" was going to find it's audience, touch hearts, and introduce a fairly unfamiliar way of healing, through a story of horses. It has found it's way in a crowded room of writers and their voices.

So, being invited to share my story of Wonder and Beauty at the prestigious Book Passage San Francisco's Embarcadero location is like winning an Oscar for me!

I know my first and only literary agent, David Charlsen and dear friend/writer Rita Harmon are smiling with the kind of light reserved for the Red Carpet events and I know all that followed me, my work and my healing are doing the same. I will be doing a book signing and reading from my book. I will also be presenting my book trailer and talking about the power of film to share my message of my book. Please join me and special guest for this most honored event!

In love and wonder,