Tahiti Wow 2017 what a DARE!

I was navigating my first winter in a blustery, white, frozen Idaho. There were days when I was driving to work and that "voice" asked me, should we be driving in this? Once I sign up to work for someone my work ethic is on auto pilot. Suit up, show up, do my best.

Weeks turned into months of the winter that hadn't happened in over thirty years in Idaho and one day while driving on the road I yelled "I want to go on a cruise again! With a private balcony! I think this was a sure sign of cabin fever.I'm a believer and in the Hay House tribe. I'm also a Balboa Press author, but I could never have imagined that my words of intention and frustration would turn into the opportunity to go to Tahiti with forty other adventures from all over the world.

This year I decided to follow an author named Mike Dooley and sign up for his Notes From the Universe. I wanted to follow someone this year that was simply put, FUN! So, whilst my man went out in one of the whiteouts for more firewood I walked away from my computer and when I arrived back I looked at the screen and there was a picture of an island with white sand, turquoise water and blue skies that went on forever. I looked at this, perplexed, wondering how it appeared on my screen. This was about a week after I had shouted out while driving through another whiteout and I guess the Universe heard me loud and clear. I've traveled the world, mainly for work but this was an expensive escape. I dared my guy and myself to say Yes to this. My adrenaline was pumping with fear and excitement, just the thought of doing something so far away, fun and exotic, seemed unreal.

I asked my man to go but he was already booked to travel that week... I had ten minutes to take my dare. I looked at him as if to say 'what do you think?' He said you know we don't believe in coincidences so with those words of support I put my CC information in and pressed send. Didn't sleep much that night, the guilts got the best of me and with this was the excitement of something I hadn't done for decades. Travel alone with the world of possibilities ahead of me in a group of fun loving spiritual seekers from around the world!

I may blog on this again, since I've never experienced anything quite like it and a few words about this life altering experience could never convey the rich experience it was. My message to you in this is: Dare yourself to do something outrageous, fabulous, crazy, irresponsible and fun! And trust me after you do, you might be saying as I have since I've come home, it's the BEST experience I've ever DARED myself to do.

Mike and Andy Dooley gave us their wisdom that Thoughts Become Things, So Pick the Good Ones and so much more in their daily workshops in the Tahiti Wow trip. I've spent more money on making myself a better person and now it was just time to enjoy who I've become and have always been. I fell in love with life!. And not just Life but this place called the French Polynesian islands. I also fell in love with the people on that Tahiti Wow 2017 trip and the healing waters that surround Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti.

Don't challenge yourself to take a dare, just LOVE yourself into doing something you've always wanted to do. I promise there's more LOVE, LIFE and SWEETNESS than you can ever imagine.