Why does A 100 year old woman put her makeup on every day?

I recently went to Lake Tahoe to do a destination wedding. As a makeup artist and a veteran in the business, I've made up a lot of faces and met hundreds of women but this was my first 100 YEAR OLD! I didn't have any pre-conceived ideas about her before I met her only that I was sure she was, well, seasoned. Lilian arrived and was holding a cane which she barely used and it was evident it was more for the sake of her family worrying than for her state of well-being.

I sat her in my chair and began to ask her what she would like to look like, what colors were in her outfit and if she'd like false lashes etc. These are questions I always ask my client in order to get the information I need to create a beautiful and flawless look for her, no matter her age or condition of her skin.

What was evident about Lilian right away was she already thought herself beautiful, she was inquisitive about every little detail of the process and very interested in the products I would use on her.

She left the creative process to me and her only real request was that she wanted her makeup to last all day and into the evening.

As I continued on I wished I could work with her all day. She was so engaged in life and so open to new ideas. The date of her birth made her 100 years of age but she was far younger than that number. It was so endearing to see all of her family doting on her, so proud that she was there having fun being a girl, just like them.

The glue on her strip lashes had just dried, I was putting the finishing touches on, a light dusting of powder, another coat of lip color and a touch up on her blush. A question popped into my mind: What has Lillian done to have such beauty throughout her long and rich life? So I asked her. She said she always put makeup on every day of her adult life!

This is her secret. To me this translated to love of self and self care. It meant that she is interested in engaging in her evolution of aging and she obviously has never given up the notion of NOT being beautiful at ANY age. I've always felt the same and now even more so.

Thank you, dear Lilian, for being such a strong role model and example of what real beauty truly is!