When is the last time You were sent a Love Poem?

Hello Friends of Beauty Heals You,

I took a break from blogging to finish writing my first book.This month marks my one year anniversary from the start of this heartfelt project.
I'll of course let you know as my book progresses through the publishing process and in the mean time I'd like to share with you one of the most beautiful sonnets written by the mystic poet, Rumi. Many thanks to all of you who share my work, words and passion for beauty and how it heals us all. Junes blog is dedicated to you and the beauty you bring to me!

Spirituality and Spa's...A New Year!

I just came back from visiting the iconic place of Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Canada, as well as the Spa Bota Bota! What do these polar opposite places have in common? They are both destinations for healing, peace and a renewal of personal vision. Many years ago I was given a book about a virtually unknown man, Brother Andre, and the story of his dream to create and build a church that would be dedicated to Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the working man. I was captured by his life story and polarized by his humble and single minded nature for his vision.

Horses and Holidays with Visionary Michael Muir

Last night I had an experience of a lifetime with Michael Muir's group, Access Adventure, and the opening night of Cavalia's Odysseo! On my quest to be a part of a group that has a heart for service I came upon a group called Access Adventure, founded by visionary Michael Muir. Yes, the last name sounds familiar because he is the great, great grandson of John Muir.

My mesmerizing time with the multi-talented Nez Erok

In my quest to find healing adventures and the daily inspiration I need for living, I came across this Beautiful Healer named Nez Erok. I Googled the word "beautiful" and Nez Erok came up. She was traveling to New York to attend the Golden Door International Film Festival to be honored for her music video named "Beautiful". On her way there she was making a stop in Los Angeles to attend the Awareness Film Festival, where she had a film entry for another of her music videos named "Laid to Rest".